Saturday, 12 May 2012

Guest Blogger: Roomy Author Marie Bilodeau

My Roomate the lovely and talented Marie Bilodeau, most often referred to on this blog as "Roomy" is doing a blog tour to promote her new novel Destiny's Fall.  Most of her posts will be on blogs related to writing and storytelling, but Roomy has been dragged to four My Little Pony Fairs now so she's got something to say on the topic of Ponies too.  This week I interviewed her on what it's like living with a Pony-mad Roommate...

Roomy, in the midst of a writing spree, or something
What’s it like living with a customizer?

At times magical and at times horrifying.  Seriously.  Sometimes, there are sparkling, happy ponies prancing about our living room with their bouncy curls because they’re all purdy and made up.  That’s fun (although, thankfully, the ponies don’t actually prance).
Other times, however, it’s a veritable house of horrors.  Beheaded ponies line the kitchen sink, their head looking at me imploringly, or I’m sure they would, anyway, if they still had eyes, but they DON’T because they’ve been BURNED off with ACETONE!  I once peaked into a pot of boiling water thinking it was going to be soup, but it wasn’t. It was ponies. Boiling ponies to remove their “glue.”

The memories, they’re horrible, just… horrible… excuse me a moment. I need a drink.

Whatever. You’re exaggerating.  Again.  So… put that bottle down.  Now. Down.  Good.  Discuss your role at the Fair as a booth bunny (as you're so fond of calling yourself).

According to the “MLP Fair Booth Bunny Guide 101,” I’m supposed to sit there cheerfully and sell ponies, preferably while wearing something pink and cute. 

Two years ago, I got through a whole fantasy trilogy, which was awesome, but apparently that impacted our sales.  Go fig. 

It did.

So I’m not supposed to do that anymore.

You’re not.

Do you want me to answer this question or not?  Yes.  Okay.

But even with a book ban, I still love it because the collectors are quite fun to chat with, and I can keep an eye out for two-year-olds trying to make off with Spike (caught one last year!)  

 I also love working on the diorama display.  For Kentucky, it was the Winner’s Circle, which was lots of fun and showcased cellophane windows (!)  Last year it was a merry-go-round, which was cute until it was totally crushed under a luggage on our way back home.  And this year… oh… this year will be AWESOME!  BWA HA HAHA!

Um, yes. 

What did I say about drinking during interviews?  Is that my chocolate milk?  Oh, for the love of...give me that.  Aren’t you lactose intolerant?  Sheesh. Okay, now what’s day-to-day life like with a collector?


“OMG, a garage sale with pink toys, TURN NOW!”
“OMG, your cats broke into my room and licked my award-winning pony all to hell!”
“OMG, TRU has new ponies, we have to go nooooooowwwww, can we go nooooowwwww, pleeeaaassseeeeeee!?!?”
“OMG, Roomy, the Fair is only a 24-hour drive away this year, we go???”

 See?  A veritable emotional roller coaster.

Right.  Well, thanks for coming today.

Wait, I thought I could talk about my books, and my newest one, Destiny’s Fall, and…

You drank my chocolate milk. No deal!


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