Saturday, 28 April 2012

Midli Medley - a Brony custom

 Meet Midli Medley - a custom commissioned by friend, fellow Pony enthusiast, and Brony, DJ Midli.

Midli Medley was created using a Twilight Sparkle base.  The face, hair on hooves, chest, and back legs were all carefully sculpted with Apoxie Clay.  This is not the most elaborate sculpt I've done, but it is probably the one I'm most proud of since the join on the face is very smooth and nearly undetectible.

He was fully repainted, including eyes and symbol, and his hair is a blend of Dollyhair Golden Delicious and Mango Tango (I also added a third line of plugs to give him a thicker mane.
 His headphones were custom made from Sculpey Bake & Bend, so it's not only removeable, but flexible and he can wear them on his neck or his ears.  The rainbow lightening bolt on the headphones was also painted.

Unusually for commissions, I was lucky enough to be able to hand-deliver this custom to his new owner, so I got to see DJ Midli's initial reaction when he saw him for the first time.  It definitely made the work done on this custom well worth the while!


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