Saturday, 12 November 2011

Naru2U Con next weekend!

A reminder that I'll be giving two panels at N2U con next weekend!

The Customizing panel is on Saturday from 12 - 1pm.  Here I'll be discussing some of the materials and techniques I use in customizing.  The panel will be geared mainly toward Pony customization, but a lot of the tips and tricks translate well to customizing other toy lines too.

The History of MLP: From Firefly to Friendship Is Magic panel is on Sunday from 1 - 2 pm.  The MLP brand is almost 30 years old, so this will be a brief trip through Pony history, from the first Ponies ever made back in the 80's to Twilight Sparkle and everything in between.  I'll have examples of every MLP generation with me, as well as the original inspiration ponies behind the FIM ponies.

Through it all I will have fellow MLP collector, the lovely and talented Stormrave, helping me out!

There's also a FIM-specific panel that will be given by the Ottawa Bronies (headed by the also lovely and talented DJMidli) on Saturday from 3-4:30pm, with a meet up following at 5pm in a local restaurant.  I'm looking forward to meeting the local Bronies there!

Here's a sneak peek at some of the Ponies who might be with me at the con next weekend:

G3 Custom Carousel Elfpony

G2 Princess Silver Swirl
G4 Custom Cthulhu

G1 Firefly and Medley
Hope to see you there!


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