Saturday, 24 November 2012

Little Goth(ish) Ponies

I sort of think of these two as a pair, since I worked on them together and tried a new eye style on them.
Ribbon and Lace
Dark Rose
Ribbon and Lace is a TS head on an RD body, fully repainted.  Her symbol is between her wings, for a change.  Her hair is Dollyhair Sugarplum, Mulberry Crush, Hematite, and Black Magick.

Dark Rose is made from a Rarity, and so has her original body colour.  Her eyes and symbol have, of course, been hand painted.  Her hair is Dollyhair Venom.  Her neck ribbon is a result of her neck splitting when I tried to get the head off.  (I seem to have this problem only with white G4s - I wonder if the white plastic is thinner/weaker?)

Both customs have jewel earrings.  I tried something a bit different on the eyes of these, using Darkhorse's eye style as an inspiration.  Quite happy with the results.


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